WGA Writers Start Boutique Craft Service Business

Serving up comfort foods for Productions on a Budget!

Our Craft Service Tables feature feel good, delicious foods from deli meats, lox, bagels, &munchies. Don Franscico's Gourmet Coffee and a generous of fruits, cookies, and pastries.

Contact us:  310-413-2861     or write:     countrymartcoffee@gmail.com

The craft services table is the center of a set's social scene.  This is where A-list actors can mingle with the lighting crew and the director grabs the same comfort foods as an intern on their first day of work.  Since the craft service area is responsible for the physical and mental well-being of the entire set, it's important to hire "crafty's" who get it.

Country Mart Coffee & Craft Services was started by two Hollywood TV Writers who provided coffee for Green Rooms, Craft Service Tables and events at the Writer's Guild.  Their amazing coffee at wholesale prices spiraled into a business.  

Writer's love to eat.  They know what foods inspire them and what foods ignite their creative passions.

Coffee, snacks, and ice cold drinks set up at your fingertip for you next shoot.  We make it easy & affordable so your cast &crew has more energy to give to their job. 

Freshly brewed Don Francisco's Coffee, fresh pastries, pasta salads and delicious sandwiches are just a few of the suggested items for your craft service table.







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